Real women. Real-time. Real insights.


Our data is crowdsourced in real-time, directly from real women. They’re not paid, incentivised or prompted and we never use surveys or polls. Clients can feel confident knowing that their data has scale, depth, quality and credibility.

Customer-centred decision making

How well do you really know your customers? What about their attitudes to your competitors? Their as-yet-unmet, ever-changing needs? Their cross category purchasing behaviour? Their ingredient preferences?

When you observe actual behaviour, you uncover unknown unknowns. These could help you transform your products and your marketing and secure you a competitive advantage.

Cocoon Audience Insights™

Discover your customers’ (and potential customers’) cross-category purchase behaviours and patterns on a micro-cohort level. Understand their preferences and aversions, their nuances and drivers so you can target relevant messages and supercharge your marketing ROI.

Cocoon Competitor Insights™

Outsmart your competitors. With our robust, holistic data you can calculate your share of wallet and discover who you’re sharing it with. And you can analyse and respond to live changes in your market, including new product launches and competitive marketing activity. Observe your audiences’ reactions and associated behaviours and find out who’s buying? Who’s not? And why?

Cocoon Product Insights™

Meet customers’ needs by creating products they genuinely want. Track preference trends in key metrics like ingredients, textures, scents and packaging and understand how your products are used alongside others. Discover scope for NPD and strategies for different audiences.

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