We are fueling insights for the female economy!


We unlock cross-category insights to understands the current and potential audiences; their behaviour, purchase drivers, and personal preferences at a granularity, cost and scale not possible until now.


In today’s increasingly fragmented and customer centric market place the brands need to understand and respond to their consumers’ unique and changing needs faster and more accurately than ever before. Being able to serve the customers’ needs more accurately means better personalization, which translates into higher customer loyalty, better brand satisfaction, and discovery of new audiences. 

Detailed real-time customer insights are transforming how the smartest brands market their products and even how they decide what products to produce. Ability to gather granular and accurate insights on smaller customer segments has, therefore, become a new source of competitive advantage for brands. 

Cocoon enables marketing personalization to thousands of audience micro-segments simultaneously by connecting detailed customer profiles to their actual behavior using real-time 24/7 consumer insights. No one is currently able to do what we do at the granularity and scale in real-time.

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About Cocoon

The media and marketing landscape is getting increasingly fragmented where "one-size-fits-all" no longer cuts it to the consumers who expect the brands…

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Who we are

Cocoon was founded by people from very different walks of life – it brings together extensive marketing, insight and agency experience …

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Skin is unique – and so are women. It's time the beauty industry understood them better!