Gain unique insights on your female customers!


Women dominate consumer purchasing decisions. They have money, influence and loyalty. Yet they’re a much misunderstood demographic. Why? Because, until now, marketers haven't had the means to decipher and understand their buying behaviours in any great detail.

Women are curious, considered and capricious. They’re complex and multi-layered. Traditional audience segmentation does them, and marketers, a massive disservice by failing to recognize this.

At Cocoon we’ve devised unique micro-segmentation technology that offers businesses unparalleled, long-term insights about their female customers', and potential customers’, emotional and rational needs. 

By sourcing real-time data from a sample representing 75 million women, we offer in-depth intelligence that will change the way you see and respond to your customers. You’ll be able to track their purchasing behaviour, understand their drivers, make your brand more relevant and personalize your messaging at a scale you never thought possible. 

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When you observe actual behaviour, you uncover unknown unknowns.